An Io Language Vim Plugin

Who here doesn’t enjoy a little color in their life? I know I do, especially when used to highlight the syntax of a language - as anyone who’s been around me while downing a few pints can attest! Io Syntax Highlighting in Vim

Learning, Io, and Vim

In an attempt to feed our insatiable desire to learn, a few of us at VersionOne are doing a book club on Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. We’re currently working on chapter 2: Io. My current favorite editor is Vim. I wanted syntax highlighting for Io, in Vim.

I found a decent Vim script to get Io syntax highlighting, and then wrote a quick ftdetect script to set Io-related files to use the Io syntax. The resulting vim-io plugin is currently embedded in my dotfiles on the GitHubs, but if there’s interest I can pull them out into a standalone plugin.

Grab it, enjoy it, fork and improve it!